Joseph asks…

How much gravel/sand do I need for my patio?

I am starting on a paver patio that measures 10'x20'. I have learned a lot about how to put the patio in place and watched countless how-to videos, but nothing has helped me figure out how much sand/gravel to purchase. I want to buy it all at once and have it delivered from Lowes. I know I need 4" of gravel & 1" of sand throughout, but the bags are sold in 50 lb bags which doesn't help my novice mind understand how many inches that is. Any advice is appreciated!

landscapeliving answers:

You are going to need 2 1/2 yards or 3 1/2 tons of gravel to do you patio at 4" deep with your dimensions and a little over a 1/2 yard of sand. You might want to consider getting your sand/gravel limestone works well also called TB from a quarry or decorative stone company instead of buying it in bags from would be a heck of a lot cheaper!!!!! And they deliver and place it where you want it.

Donna asks…

How can I learn more about Landscaping?

I want to know how to make patios, stone laing surface and everything. any help?

landscapeliving answers:

We will help you here in gardening and landscaping!

Also HGTV & DIY have how-to videos and lots of info.

Go ahead ask us any pictuclar question.


Mark asks…

I have lower back pain since moving patio stones in the yard?

The pain is just below the belt line on the right side. The pain runs down the buttock continues down the back of the leg and ends on the front calf. Did I pull a muscle or is it a nerve? The pain has slightly improved in two weeks. I am flexible and my hamstrings are stretched daily. Can anyone tell me if this is serious?

landscapeliving answers:

While everyone is correct, there is a misconception many have learned about sciatic pain. Therefore yes it sounds like sciatica... Meaning that your muscles or vertebrae or both are impinging on the sciatic nerve.

Stretching your hamstrings may help you out a lot but how tight are your quadriceps? Or the sides of your legs? Another question to ask yourself, how sore or "tight" do your knees feel? If you have tightness in your legs... Specifically your quadriceps this can cause your hips to be pulled out of alignment, your hamstrings react by lengthening... And become tighter... Your other hip muscles like the gluteaus, FTL and piriformis all try to counter act and become pulled in different directions... Often irritating the sciatic nerve... Perform a quick self test:

If you are sitting, legs at a 90 degree angle, grab your leg just above your knee, right past the joint. Now dig your index and middle fingers into your muscles on the outside. You should feel your IT band and one of your quadriceps attachment point. Your thumb should be around the medial-us (the "head") of your knee.

Now you should dig your fingers into that area and in the general vicinity of the muscles. When you find a knot or sore spot dig into it. Then slowly extend your leg. You may feel a jump or muscle twitch.

These are good things as you are releasing tight muscles that are moving your knee joint out
of alignment causing tightness in your leg muscles and irritating your piriformis. If you get any relief then I suggest you look into muscle imbalances and SMR. Also a quick search on google will give you a piriformis stretch video to relax and relieve tension off that sciatic nerve.

Donald asks…

what kinds of rocks can you use for the base of patio stones?

I kind of want to use a 2 inch layer of pea gravel and then do a two inch layer of sand or paver base before I lay the stone, would that work? or does anybody have any better suggestions...

landscapeliving answers:

Check this site for very explicate directions.


Do it correctly or don't do it at all..


Ken asks…

What's the link to this striptease video?

There was one video of a girl who was in her backyard. There were two guys spying on her from the bushes. She did a short striptease then proceeded to take a bath in a tub sitting in her backyard. Does anyone else recall this video? The patio was stone, I believe.

landscapeliving answers:


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