James asks…

how do i get my dog to be more loyal?

i have a 21month old australian cattle dog and she's lived up to her name by becoming a velcro dog to my brother.

ive taught her everything,i act dominant with her ( she eats after i eat, she walks behind me in doorways and gates, ive socialised her around small animals, children, dogs and adults.

she's a perfect dog , doesnt tear anything, doesnt jump up, doesnt whine , doesnt bite, she's extremely friendly

when i take her to the park and let her off the lead she decides she doesnt want to listen to me, i havent reinforced this bad behaviour by putting her on the lead when she comes back, i used to tell her off but now i act nice and she will sometimes come after i crouch down and call her 10 times.

its realy getting on my nerves because today i opened the gate and made her sit, then i took my guinea pigs out the front onto the grass and she decided to bolt out and start herding them, i told her to stop but then she went into a crazy run around the yard, and i hadnt closed the front gates yet so it was dangerous.
then when i finally got her to stop she just submissively rolled over

she's very submissive to me when im annoyed. but i really need her to start listening

she is a good obedient dog to my brother.

ive taught her to , sit,stay,shake,drop,play dead, spin, jump, stand on her back legs, wait for her dinner, drop when not near me(on a field), get in the bed, bow, do 'which one', hide and seek , and so forth
so it isnt the fact that she's a dumb dog , she's just very unloyal.

how do i make her more loyal?
my brother hasnt taught her anything, she listens to him obediently at the park, and he doesnt spoil her.
for those of you trying to help please remember that the cattle dog is a velcro dog meaning it strongly bonds to one person.
I'VE TAUGHT HER EVERYTHING- just you'se cant get confused like one of my other anwsering people did, my brother hasnt taught her anything.

landscapeliving answers:

It's not being loyal. Your dog and you need to work on her recall. A perfect recall is very hard to accomplish. It takes a lot of hard work and repetition.

One thing to remember, "Come" should be a happy thing for your dog. Don't use it when you're angry, when you're going to do something she doesn't like (clipping nails) Only use the word when you want her to come to you and make it a good experience.

Mandy asks…

Do you love your dog enough for.......?

LOL...... a face lift?? Honest to God, I just found an article there is some doc giving dogs plastic surgery.... face lifts, correcting drooping ears and making them "symmetrically perfect" because we all know how depressed animals can get if the dog next door is better looking. Next, we can start color coordinating their bows and sweaters to their dog house just to keep them happy.

landscapeliving answers:

Doggie plastic surgeons should tell people how much better their pets look with their ovaries or testicles removed.

THEN they can worry about that dewlap or crooked ear.

John asks…

Littlest Pet Shops?

hello,am a collector of LPS. I don't have an huge amount of them , but i still colect them. I have heard that LPS were really made to be traded,so I am looking for someone to trade with. I will list all the ones I want to trade (i don't have a lot) so that other collectors can reply with other trades.

*orange cat w/ hair
*light brown monkey with brown eyes
*boxer with blue eyes
*yellow bunny with g/ eyes
*white bunny with b/ and g/ eyes
*purple buttyfly
*grey cat with blue eyes( shorthair)
*lizard(spots go away with heat!)
*white fluffy dog with pink bows
*dalmation(has some worn off spot on his head-can be traded for anyother with worn off spot)
*fluffy grey cat with teal eyes
*orange and white bunny with blue eyes
*tiny yellow bird with blue eyes(rare now)
*brown weiner dog(perfect condition!)

On my wish list is newer littlest pets, but others i dont have will be fine too!!Thank you!
these are not old at all! but they are mostly from 2004, 2005, 2006, or maybe even 2007

landscapeliving answers:

I have to panda bears: 1 boy & 1 girl
white shorthair cat with green eyes: has bow in hair and chair
the pandas come with a tree. I just started collecting. They're so cute!

Sharon asks…

what are those really tiny dogs and there like brown and Carmel brown?

I always see them brown and carmel brown mixed. And there really small and have like the perfect hair for little bows? Any idea what I'm talking about!

landscapeliving answers:

If the dog you're thinkingg of has a normal looking nose, I'd bet on a Yorkie. If it has a pushed in nose you might be talking about aPekingeses or a Shitzu.

Jenny asks…

I have two friends whose adult children are 'perfect' and their entire life....?

it's all so wonderful.... date first guy, get engaged, married him, get a house and a dog and all is so happy. Son dating first girl, probably do same. The mom here rules the roost and everyone bows down to her. She must have a portray a perfect little family... as the one she came from broke up and in 'her' family 'divorce' - just not acceptable, including for her adult children. I am so happy for her if it's all so perfect and yet I know nothing is... but it's a little hard when your own kids are struggling... what's say you? I'm returning to therapy next month to deal with these emotions but thought I'd run it by all you well meaning people out there. Thank you!

landscapeliving answers:

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