Mandy asks…

I need to spray a lot of weed killer in my backyard, how long until my dog can return to the area.?

I need to spray a lot of weed killer in my backyard, how long until my dog can return to the area after the spray?
thanks to those we the thoughtful responses.

And to Happy2luv. I ask because I am still at work and need to make a decision about the dog before I get home. I am not sure of the weed killer brand because my roommate is the one who bought it. It seem my dog is not the only bitch in this conversation

landscapeliving answers:

God gave you eyes and a brain, use them in conjunction with each other and READ the back of the container or if you are too inept to do that then surely you know how to dial a phone and dial it using enough intellect to call the phone number on the back to ask that simplistic of a query.

Carol asks…

How to stop a dog from pooping all over the backyard?

i created special area for my dog's needs in the backyard and she was using it until about a month ago when she started doing this all over the backyard. i took her on a leash twise a day to her spot and praised her with treats for 3 weeks and today and yesterday too she again went to the wrong place. how to stop it? it's a big dog, a lab, so it's a big issue for me

landscapeliving answers:

You need to clean up the area a lot.

She doesnt wanna step in her own crap

Jenny asks…

should my dog be pooping in her kennel area? its 6 ft wide by 8 ft long and outside?

my friend said im a bad dog owner because i let her poop in the backyard instead of her kennel area..he lets his dogs poop where they sleep and tells me that how dogs should whos the real bad dog owner?

landscapeliving answers:

Dogs by nature do not poop in their den.

Sandy asks…

How do I make my dog go to the restroom in another area?

My dog always went in this one corner but now that we're remodeling our backyard we need him to go somewhere else. Anywhere will do before my parents get rid of him! So help ^^ please

landscapeliving answers:

This is going to take some time, but it is worth it. STOP letting your dog out to go. Start, leasing him and take him to the area where you want him to go. Reward him whenever he does his business in the new spot. Slowly, start letting him go on his own after about two weeks, and reward him when he goes to the right spot. Good luck

Chris asks…

My neighbor feeds stray cats in our area and won't stop. They scratched up my garden. He has a dog, I do not?

The cats won't go into his backyard because he has dogs, but they live in mine. I don't want a dog, but I don't want the cats around all of the time either. They make all of the dogs in the neighborhood bark at all times of the day and night. What can I do?

landscapeliving answers:

The dogs barking can't be blamed on the cats. How do you know that's the cause? It's only speculation and it's up to the dog OWNERS to make them quiet. Not your individual neighbor.

As for the cats going into your garden, even if he stopped feeding them, they'd still be around. You can buy these electronic transmiters that play a noise cats can hear, but you can't. It deters cats from the area.

Otherwise, try orange peels. They don't like citrus.

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