John asks…

Can I move to the States from Canada at 19 if I start my own business?

Can I move to the States from Canada at 19 if I start my own business? I want to move to Florida so bad and was thinking about starting my own pool cleaning business or maybe even lawn care.

landscapeliving answers:

Doesn't do for the millionaire exemption. Now if you wanted to start a company, financing it with at least a half million dollars, they make an exception.

Nobody needs another pool cleaner, they would love to have someone who hires dozens of pool cleaners.

Chris asks…

I'm looking for a trade to make extra income?

I currently investigating a residential construction clean-up business to start to make some substantial secondary income. Do you know of any other trade I can start easily, or a trade I can learn easily and quickly start to market myself? (Please don't give me any of those "become a millionaire today" crap please)

landscapeliving answers:

If your bondable and have a little money for investment you can get into carpet cleaning, high pressure washing for commercial buildings, lawn care, local moving company, and so on. The list is endless.

Susan asks…

Are people really apathetic about other people's suffering?

This the question ask from our professor about the poem, Musee des Beaux Arts. She said: "How can you sleep at night when other people are suffering?"

landscapeliving answers:

A Few Years Ago I had a Stroke, lost my real estate development business, along with two other sizeable interests, I went from a millionaire boy wonder, to a broke recluse; and eventually broke out by mowing peoples lawns, other odd jobs. Some of my old friends would drive by and stop,and ask me, " did you buy this place?", "Are you making a comeback?" I would answer honestly," No, this is what I do for a living now. They would smile nervously,and simply say " Well, good luck to you!" None of my friends would call, eventually they would stop speaking or avoid me altogether. My point is this. I used to think that people in general were apathetic about suffering, and what I thought was suffering and loss cannot even begin to compare with true suffering everyday, far worse, and unimaginable than my own. What I came to realize, and it provided a great deal of comfort and understanding toward my fellow human beings is this. It is not so much that people are apathetic, it is simply that the magnitude of many of the sufferings we see, many created by our own government, just seem so big that people become paralyzed because they perceive whatever contribution they could make to ease suffering, is not enough, or they don't know where to begin. It is not that they don't care, It is in fact the opposite in most cases. It is that people have little belief in the value of their contribution really making a difference. My friends didn't abandon me, they saw my problems as something bigger that they could meaningfully help solve, and their lack of belief in the value of what they might have done to help, as worthless. I believe now it was also very painful for them as well. Think about the last time a friend or loved one was in pain, or truly suffering, and you felt impotent to help them.? It is not that you were apathetic, but lost as to how to help, and therefor you suffered as well. In closing, here is a truism, a mother bird will guard her nest, and her young, to the death with another predator bird. But let a raccoon invade the nest, and the mother birds flight instinct kicks in, and will remain just out of reach of harms way herself, paralyzed, literally on what to do to save her young. As advanced as humans are, I think we have a similar nature. Its not that people are apathetic, it is that they care, but their lack of belief in the value of their contributions, paralyzes them into inaction, and they suffer as well. Knowing this, or at least choosing to see a better side of man, allows me to sleep at night, and try again the next day!

Nancy asks…

Great Denn or Irish wolfhound or Mastiff? Which one should I buy?

Here are my details:-
1) I'm a medium heighted man 27 yrs of age
2) I have a big house with large lawn outside and a swiming pool & many servants
3) I'm not much muscular but have a average body
4) No problem in feedind dog I run an international 5 star hotel chain buisness and I'm a multi millionaire
5) My girlfriend is born blind
6) I dont have kids
7) Most important I want to take care of my dog myself.

landscapeliving answers:

Mastiff is a good guard dog and wants less care,
great Dane want lot of exercise & many health problems,

Steven asks…

lyrics to a milli by lil wayne?

okay the first section of the lyrics match up but then once it gets to the next part the lyrics don't match up . . .

landscapeliving answers:

Ima Millionaire,
Im a Young Money Millie in aire, tougher than Nigerian hair,
My criteria compared to your career just isnt fair,
Ima venereal disease like a menstrual bleed..
Threw the pencil and leak the sheet of the tablet in my mind,
Cuz I dont write shit cuz I aint got time,
Cuz my seconds, minutes, hours go to the al mighty dollar,
And the al mighty power of dat chit cha cha chopper,
Sister, Brother, Son, Daughter, Father motha fuck a copper,
Got da maserati dancin on the bridge pussy poppin,
Tell the coppers..hahahaha you cant catch em, you cant stop em,
I go by them goon rules if you cant beat em then you pop em,
You cant man em then you pop em,
You cant man em then you mop em,
You cant stand em then you drop em,
You drop em cuz we pop em like Orville Redenbacher,

[Cory Gunz]
Im Millie in here wit them Young Money Milli on aires,
Think you really pop a wheelie in air,
Mac Milli..the Vanilli’s in here.. Im a rascal dont get whopped,
I get brats who dont give top,
I get tassel, pass you wit a flow you could never put a brake on,
An I break on anything a nigga take on,
Feel the napalm from my trey arm, straight long, throw a nigga like im Akon,
Cuz I make cons.. Where the base gone, get the base blown,
Let the Pistons on that chopper come on cops im kamikaze drop a rock wit them Obamas,
Illie in the mind, really wit the nine, millie when I rhyme, silly anytime,
Fine, chilly gitty on da grind, Shitty on a dime, Penny on the line,
Plentys in me, any guinea’s wit em bigger than a mini and remind im..
Illie and its all off G piece and a P..G walk by beep beep,
Wit a freak, skeet, Hawk Out, big feet on a jeep..
She caught by Weezy F, we be the best,
Truely to death prove me the rest,
Groupies confess, you be the ref, excuse me I left..Ha

[these lyrics unconfirmed in album version but present in mixtape version]
young money
nay nay, daddys better

a millionaire im a young money millionaire
what chyall really want it now
y’all dont really wanna do it
if hip hop is dead i am the embalming fluid
and I don’t care who it be, I’m steppin to it
notice I say ‘it’ cuz to me, it ain’t shit
get. It.
Call me whacha like trick?
Call me on my sidekick
never answer when its private
man I hate a shy chick
don’t you hate a shy chick
I had a plate of shy chick and she ain’t shy no mo’
she changed her name to my chick
hahaha, yea boy thats my girl
and she pops excellent up in waynes world
totally dude you should
see their faces when they see that
this robot can move
and its like…
hahaha, yea
and it go…
thats right

I’m a millionaire I’m a
young money cash money fast money
slow money mo’ money neva low money
what is that, who is that, I never heard of it
I will take your picture and make a ‘rest in peace’ shirt of it
tell those n***** beatin to make a rest in peace shirt of me cuz i
killed and now don’t tell no one you heard of me
its like, the beat was screamin, murder me
and i’m a, murderer
so I murdered it

and you n***** is what i eatin ill make sure of it
and he who don’t believe me I’ll make dessert of him
sherbet him, I mean
shame on him, or her
Carter, Father of
this rap thang, this is my race
gon’ take a lap man weezy babys nursery
now gon’ take a nap man, its nap time
I’ll holla back at you at snack time

Weezy… F…. Yea, ok
they say I’m rappin like Big, Jay, and Tupac
Andre 3 Thousand where is erykah badu at
who dat
who dat said they gon’ beat Lil Wayne
my name ain’t bic, but I keep that flame
who dat one
dat do dat boy
yall knew dat
true dat swallow
and i be the shhhh
now you got loose bowels
I don’t owe you like two vowels
but I’d like for you to pay me by the hour
and I’d rather be pushing flowers,
than to be in the penn sharing showers
see Tony told us this world was ours
and the Bible told us every girl was sour
dont play in the garden and don’t smell her flower
call me Mr. Carter or Mr. Lawn Mower
boy I got so many girls like I’m Michael Lowry
even Gwen Stefani said she couldn’t doubt me

man, life, just ain’t life, without me
hip hop just ain’t hip hop, without me
young moola baby

This is what I found when I searched in on google. Are they different to the ones you have?

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