Mark asks…

We're adding a 500 Sq ft deck. How much value will it add, if any, to our home when we sell it?

The deck will be redwood, 29 ft x 17ft, over our walkout basement.

landscapeliving answers:

If it was done very tastefully, about $8000. I seen some decks take away value when not done in a professional manner. I would maintain the deck and keep it in good condition. I think what you have done is smart$$$

John asks…

Can anyone tell me approximately how much it would cost to build a deck?

Hi all, I would like to build a small deck in our back yard this summer. The deck will be about 90 square feet. I would also rather use redwood or cedar due to pets that will frequently be on the deck with us. Preassure treated wood contains arsenic and don't want my dog harmed. I live in sw pa, I'm not sure if that makes a difference or not. I was hoping about 2000.00 dollars for everything, or am I being too hopeful? Thanks for any help u can give :)
Hi I will look into the preassure treated wood some more, but would rather not take the chance. The difference between kids and dogs is that I have never seen a child lick water off the floor like dogs but I'm sure it happens lol
I have no intention of doing this myself, I am very attached to my fingers and other body parts. Lol

landscapeliving answers:

There is no arsenic in pressure treated wood since 2004. So you can use PT. I like cedar myself it has and maintains a better, smoother finish. Redwood is just too expensive and not eco friendly. You should be able to keep it under $2000 (depending on what you are doing) for a typical small deck - even using cedar if you build. If you hire it out it will easily exceed your budget.

Your home center has deck design software - they can design your deck and provide you with a BOM - bill of material - this will tell you all that is needed and should even price it out.

What you can do is get the plans from Home depot or lowes as i said. Then you will know your material costs. Then you can get quotes from a couple contractors.

You may know people, friends or family that can do this work - and it will cost you far less. Building a deck is very simple, but you have to do it right at the same time.

Charles asks…

How do I raise and move a Coast Spa from its current location?

I am in the process of acquiring a 7' redwood framed Coast Spa. It currently sits on a cement slab and there is a deck built closely around it about 2' off the ground and 1' from the top. Is there a way to disassemble it and pull the fiberglass tub up separtely and then move the plumbing frame? Will the redwood surrounding come off around it so the tub can be moved separtely and with less weight? I am pretty much at a loss as to how to go about moving this unit. I would prefer to have some thoughts and coaching before I make the wrong move. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

landscapeliving answers:

First would be to empty the spa. Then tackle the dissemble of the redwood deck, just take apart is sections, the larger the better, but something that can be handled and easily reassembled, make a diagram of what you remove and label the sections. Note, when reassembling use screws, not nails. Once you have the deck removed from the spa you may be able to lift or lift with the aid of a lever. Just be careful not to apply to much force to a small spot that would damage the fiberglass. Also disconnect the plumbing from the tub, again in large sections so you can assemble easily. Draw and mark the sections so you know how to put back together. If the tub is now isolated it may be able to be lifted manually ( 3 or more strong friends) if not get up on a furniture dolly 2 or three as necessary. You may be able to rent these.

William asks…

What's the best way to refurbish teak wood patio furniture?

I have been refurbishing wood for over 7 years now and I love it. I redid our redwood deck, patio furniture, 2 roll top desks, kitchen table, cabinets, upstairs bathroom and much more. But have not worked with teak wood yet. My neighbors recently asked me if I would like to earn some extra $ by redoing their teak wood patio set that they have owned for 7 years. They complimented me on all the work they have seen me do over the years and wanted to get my "professional" opinon. I went over and checked their patio set out and said I would get back to them in a couple of days. I've researched several websites and have gotten lots of ideas, but they are all so different in the how-to's. I would like to do a great job for them and make some money at the same time but am a little apprehensive. I would also like to know if anyone could give me an estimate or ballpark figure on how much one usually charges for something like this. It's a 5 piece octogonal table and chairs with slates

landscapeliving answers:

Step 1:
Treat the wood with general care and attention. As hard and durable as teak is, it is also sensitive to stains and damage which can permanently mar its surface. Keep flames, chemicals and even black-soled shoes away from the wood's surface to prevent irreparable damage.

Step 2:
Spray the surface with water. Use a fine jet of water to clean the teak's surface of loose dirt and grime. A garden hose will provide sufficient water pressure for this initial cleaning process.

Step 3:
Clean the wood with special teak cleaner. There are a number of high quality teak cleaners on the market. Use a cleaner like Amazon teak cleaner to do a thorough cleaning. Dilute the cleaner as directed by the label and then use a non-metallic brush to scrub the cleaner into the wood. Rinse the surface thoroughly afterwards.

Step 4:
Let the teak dry for 24 hours. If the teak is the color you want it after cleaning then move on to the next step. If the color is too dark then give the wood another cleaning.

Step 5:
Finish the process with a teak oil. Teak oils are specially designed products to keep the teak strong and beautiful. Use an oil such as Teak Guard or Amazon's Teak Oil to treat the teak with oil. Apply the oil to a clean and dry teak surface by wiping the wood with a rag soaked in the oil. Apply as many coats as the label of the product directs or until the teak has acquired the color you want.

Ken asks…

math help please....?

A railing for a deck requires pieces of redwood 5 ft 10 in., 7 ft 8 in., and 6 ft 2 in. long. What is the total length of material that is needed?

A bedroom is 10 ft by 11 ft. How much baseboard is needed to go around the room?

landscapeliving answers:

On ur 1st question, my answer is 18 ft. And 20 inches.. Okei? U just have to add it all up.. If ur teacher wants it to e converted all into inches, d answer wud be, 246 inches + 20 inches= 266inches..okei?

~110 ft.of baseboard is needed on d ro0m..

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