Chris asks…

Difference between landscape designer and landscape architect? What is what?

i want to be like a garden designer when i grow up but im not sure whats the exact title for that. what do you call the person who gets to design the garden or landscape? How much do they get paid? Education needed? is it a good and fun job? Whats the job outlook in the future? any helpful websites you suggest they have all this information?

landscapeliving answers:

The US Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook
Landscape Architects

Paul asks…

garden design/ landscape gardening?

i would love to become a garden designer or landscaper, im nearly 27 is that too old to start ,and how long will it take to get the qualification's i need , where do i start , any tips on what i need to do would be great, or any websites out there that might help.

landscapeliving answers:

You should find this to be of help to you.

Maria asks…

a rectangular garden measures 80 feet by 60 feet.?

a rectangular garden measures 80 feet by 60 feet. A large path of uniform width is to be added along both shorter sides and one longer sides of the garden. The landscape designer doing the work wants to double the garden's area with the addition of this path. How wide should the path be?"

landscapeliving answers:

Current area is 4800 sq feet, double that would be 9600
Let W = width of the new path
New Length becomes 80 + 2W and new width becomes 60 + W
(60 + W)(80 + 2W) = 9600
2W^2 + 200W + 4800 = 9600 or W^2 + 100W - 2400 = 0
The last equation can be factored (W+120)(W-20)
So the width must be 20 feet

Ken asks…

Landscape Design?

I just started landscaping design for my first client. I live in Silicon Valley, CA. I charge $35 per hour to my client. My friend who is a also landscaping designer, charges $85-120 per hour after 1 year experience. I am wondering how much would you pay for your garden design? I know it depends on how much you make money and how big your garden is.
Please advise.

landscapeliving answers:

Landscape is a hard job so you can call around and see what everyone else is charging. Dont feel bad for asking for what you are worth. Landscaping is a hard job and so are some of the customers. You will find out that some want to have things changed in the middle of a project that should be extra for all the extra time and additional plants or if you have to cancel an order. Best of luck. Good studing

William asks…


A landscape designer is designing a triangular garden with two sides that are 4 feet and 6 feet, respectively.The angle opposite the 4-foot side is 30degrees .How many distinct triangular gardens can the designer make using these measurements?

landscapeliving answers:

Let the triangle be ABC, with AB = 4ft, AC = 6ft, angle ACB = 30 deg.

From the sine rule:
4 / sin(30) = 6 / sin(B)

sin(B) = 6 sin(30) / 4
= 3 / 4

B = 48.6 deg
B = 180 - 48.6 deg
= 131.4 deg.

There are two possible triangles, as sine is positive in both quadrants 1 and 2.
This is known as the 'ambiguous case' for the sine rule.

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