Richard asks…

what wound be my best choice of garden plants?

I want to start a garden in the spring infront of my south facing living room window. There is a tree on my front lawn, but it is still not all that big. I figure it to be about 2 story's high at the moment but I don't yet know what kind it is.

I don't have a lot of money to work with, but I would like my place to look nice, I miss my garden since we moved here. I left a garden full of alysum and the name if the other flower has slipped my mind right now, it has pea sized white seeds and the flowers were yellow, orange and orange-red. It was also crawling. Anyway we moved the end of July to a townhouse with garden space in front, but nothing in it, except my recycle and compost bins right now.

I had the idea to put in some spikes, probably either 1 big one in the middle or 1 on each end. If the one I have now survives through this currently snowless winter, I will use it in the garden. I am not sure what flowers to use in this garden though. I like calendulas and dwarf buddies.
I am in Southern Ontario, so nothing tropical will work.
I was just looking at a plant hardiness map on and my area is 5a, 5b or 6a.
They are all close in colour as far as I can tell.
The other plant was nasturtium and it looked like it was growing wild in my shade garden. My garden at that house was 100% north facing as was the house so it really only got the morning sun for a couple hours. The alysum never did very well in with the nasturtium in the shade, I think it got crowded out. I picked off a bunch of seeds and threw them back in the day before we moved from there, so I think the new tennants in that house are going to have a nice garden next summer.
Also for digitalis, Ontario is in Canada. We are having a very mild winter so far, no snow yet, so I really have no idea what to expect for spring and summer this year. Even hotter than last year probably, I better buy a second garden hose to keep up with my garden's thirst. I am also worried that there is a downspout right at the end of my garden, it killed that part of my garden last year so I am not sure how to avoid this problem this year. I want to raise the garden bed somewhere between 6" & 1'.
I want to raise it so I can see it from my living room and also so I have more room to add better soil, the ground seems pretty unforgiving right now, I barely saw weeds grow there in the summer. I plan to add drift wood to the corners of my front yard, it is a small yard, maybe chip out some holes and put in chicks and hens, and something simple and fairly short in front of that. I am debating weather to put anything around the base of the tree or maybe just a small ring of mulch. I have RBG size dreams on balcony box size money. I also plan to have a few puts of veggies in the back yard, I want to keep them in buckets as the backyard is fairly shady because there are bigger trees behind my small backyard. I live in low income housing so I don't get a lot of room to be creative outside and my cats will eat anything I bring inside. I just want the place to look nice and be comfortable here.
I grew up in an apartment, now my own family, we live in a townhouse. My mom always had many many plants around, and still does. There is only 1 rood in the apt that doesn't have any plants in it and that is the bathroom. I love having plants around and I want to hopefully pass that love of plants and gardening on to our son and any other children we have in the future. I actually want to speak to management of this complex and see if there is room somewhere on the property to make a community garden, just for the complex. I am sure there would be a lot of interest with my neighbors.

landscapeliving answers:

Truthfully, your best bet would be to go to a garden center in your area and see what they have to offer. There help usually are very informative and can even help you pick out bulbs for fall flowering and next spring--

Good luck to you and your new garden to be!

Carol asks…

Condo vs House vs Townhouse?

I am looking to buy my first home. I have been living in apartments for the last 5 years or so and I'm ready to do something new. I looked at a few actual houses that are within my price range but they were in really bad shape. One actually had water damage with burst pipes and the other one was creepy with possible squatters upstairs! It was freaky so we left!

Anyway I have a cat and I would like to get a midsized dog. Right now when my boyfriend comes over for visits we have to wait a while before he comes over because he can't bring his dog to my apartment. :( So I would like a place where he can bring his dog over when he spends the night or weekend, etc.

I wanted a yard where I can garden but if I can't get this I won't freak out.

I wanted an affordable home but around here association fees are $250 - $400 a month and I'd like to avoid those, which was why I wanted an actual home (I realize I need to pay insurance, maintenance, and taxes).

I was hoping the property value would go up more for a single home and it would be a better investment in the long run, which is kind of why (besides association fees) I am avoiding a townhouse and condo.

But this was be just for me most likely, with my boyfriend to visit. It's tough I would think to do a condo just because I have cats and I would like his little dog to be able to come without getting into trouble.

Anyone have some ideas of pros and cons to these 3 choices?

landscapeliving answers:

Pets then you need to buy a house. The other two will have such limitations you might as well stay renting.

John asks…

What articles would you like to see in a small space apartment gardening website?

I have a gardening website based on small space and apartment gardening for villa's,townhouses, apartments etc. What articles and subjects would you like to see? Thanks Marty
PS: Have a look at my website and let me know! Maybe you have some ideas for me? Thanks, Marty

landscapeliving answers:

Miniature flowers

Sharon asks…

Gardening help in Rochester, NY?

I live in Rochester NY and wanted to start a small garden in front of my townhouse. I am interested in some flowers and other sturdy plants. Does anyone have any ideas or help to offer. I want some stuff that is low maintenence and looks pretty. Please if anyone can help e-mail me at pynkfreak13@yahoo I just need some good advice.

landscapeliving answers:

Nip down the local garden center, have a look round, the world is your oyster.

David asks…

help me to raise my whippet puppy?

I have a whippet puppy who is 2 months and 3 days old in exact. when i got her with her old keeper, she is the smallest and thinnest whippet among her siblings. that was only 3 days ago. as i do not have much idea how to take care of a whippet, i just give her milk to drink, sometimes mixed it with rice, rice with little ground pork, water, and yesterday i bought her an alpo and pedigree food. i tried to feed her the alpo nibbles / snack, she only ate it when i mixed it with a little water and a little ground pork. then this morning, i tried to feed her the pedigree wet food, but only ate a little (literally, about a spoonful only!). she's getting thinner now, ribs are obvious, and she poops for 4 times a day and really not solid type. what should i do? im afraid she might get weak and go to the worst scenario... i want her to grow, and of course, healthy and active. please give me some advice... for her to gain interest to eat, what should be eaten... i am living in a townhouse, with a small garden. thank you.

landscapeliving answers:

Get off the computer and take this poor dog to the vet. Stop giving it milk, rice and several different brands/types of dog foods. All this change in diet may be one reason why she's not eating and is having diarrhea. Probably Parvo though.

Why on God's green Earth would you get a puppy when you admittedly have no idea how to properly care for it?! If at all possible, give this poor dog back to the previous owner once the dog is doing better (although they may be as clueless as you are considering they gave the dog away in that condition to begin with). At least find SOMEONE who can appropriately care for this young pup. And in the future, NEVER get a dog until AFTER you've educated yourself about how to appropriately care for one.

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