Robert asks…

Im a guy and im going to jump rope in my front yard will i look like a little kid?

I could go to my back yard but it has mud and weeds so its hard but in the front i have a paved cement path that I can jump rope on will i look like a girl or little kid jumping rope?....Im doing it to excersize.
I'm only 13 not 20 or something...
People its not for me to have fun im doing it for a cardio workout, then im jogging 3miles after that alright....

landscapeliving answers:

Absolutely not. Go for it, it'll do you good. Have fun!!!

Sandra asks…

Would be weird to be in the front yard in a little pool?

It's so hot, I have a little pool and just wanna lay there with a couple of beers and some nachos, lol

landscapeliving answers:

4th of July that is exactly what my son-in-law did....he actually was drunk on rum and was trying to swim the kiddy pool like Michael Phelps. I have some great video and photos. Let me know if you want to check it out. It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.

Paul asks…

How do I get rid of the bees and bugs that have invaded my little tree in my front yard?

The bugs swarm us every time my kids hit the tree or branches, there is no hive in the tree the hang out on the leaves and the flower blossoms on the tree. I dont know what kind of tree it is, it was here when I purchased the house. Is there a spray I can use to keep them away or a dust or fogger that will get rid of them?

landscapeliving answers:

I'm not sure why they keep getting on the tree. It maybe could be because they like the scent of the tree. You could go to a garden store or a Home Depot to find a bug spray. You can also find bug spays at wallmart and target.

Linda asks…

Hey, I found a little turtle in my front yard?

It looks like a small pet one, and its a little green one. I don't want to leave it out there. Its very small and fits in my hand. And its got some brown on its green shell. What should I do with it? It's really hot outside and i dont want to leave it. I put a little thing of water in my kitchen for it...but it keeps pulling into its shell.

landscapeliving answers:

If there is a place with water by your house, such as a stream, put him there. If not, then I'm guessing it's someone's escaped pet. Ask around for a while, and see if you can figure it out. If you cannot, then I would either 1. Keep him, and read a lot about turtles on google..try to make sure you can identify his species by looking at photos. Or, 2. Put him back where you found him, if you found him in a relatively safe place.

Good luck, take care of the little guy!

Charles asks…

if the little Obama girls were playing in your front yard would you yell at them to get off the grass?

BQ: you think Barack ever used conkaline hair straightener in his younger days?

landscapeliving answers:

Yes,,...I would say hey you little girls get off my lawn !

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