Donald asks…

my room is a mess. How do i organise my room so people will want to come in?

please help me. i am having a party and sleep over and my room is a pig sty.
i will tell u whats in my room and please can u guys tell me where to put things

in my room i have:
a desk
a mirror
a bed
chest of draws (clothes)
a set of small pink draws
a closet
last i have a set of big draws

also can u help me think of fun ways to organise things e.g. an old fish tank with wool/yarn in

landscapeliving answers:

Pick up all your clothes and put on your bed, throw a load in the washer.
Bring dishes to the kitchen, grab trash bags.
Sort through junk, games, books/mags/papers, donate/throw away -old/never use/broken, paper, trash...
Vacuum and dust.
Your small pink drawers are perfect to organize/store papers, keepsakes, odds & ends...

Organizing your clothes will make a big difference.
Go thru your closet, dresser and clothes on bed, clothes that are stained/torn throw away, any that don't fit/wear give to sister/friends or donate and continue to do your laundry/strip bed-put on fresh sheets.
When folding and putting the clothes you want to keep in your big draws, put socks and undies in the top drawer, shirts in the next, then jeans and sweaters in the bottom.
Hang clothes the same way, tops, then jackets, dresses...
If you have a lot of clothes pack away winter clothes in boxes and slide under your bed and when the cold weather comes switch and pack away summer clothes. Once your seasonal clothes are packed away you will have a lot more space.

Everything needs a place to keep your room clean and organized, here are a few inexpensive items to help keep your room nice and tidy.

Hook rack is perfect for jackets, backpack, purses...


Pocket organizer you hang over the inside of your closet door for shoes, gadgets, lotions...


Baskets on your dresser for beauty items.
Http:// +other accessories, magazines...

To organize your desk, use a mug or jar/glass for pens/pencils and markers, wrap/decorate a shoebox with gift wrap for extras, crayons, erasers...

We all have bad habits, leave things lay, kick our shoes off, throw clothes over a chair or bed/floor, leave clean clothes in the laundry basket...
To keep your room clean and neat get in the habit of doing things right away.
Make your bed when you get up, easy to just pull your comforter over.
When you're done using something put it only takes a few secs to throw away a piece of paper, a snack bag, bring a dish to the kitchen.
Put dirty clothes in your hamper right when you take them off, do your laundry when hamper is full.
Fold and hang clean clothes fresh out of the warm dryer, no wrinkles and no more
searching for clothes.
Then there's no cleaning except vacuum and dust when it needs it, plus you'll know where everything is.
You'll love walking into your room all neat, organized and clutter free.

You might like some of these easy inexpensive diy ideas.

Fabric bulletin pin board above your desk for notes, photos, cards...
Http:// -without ribbon
Easy and inexpensive to make one by wrapping fabric to the back of a corkboard and staple in place. Http:// -cut fabric 5cm larger
You can buy 1/2 meter (45x114cm) of super cute fabric for £3 at any fabric store or in the sewing section in dept. Stores in tons of different patterns/designs.
For ex. Http://

Cut a 4cm wide strip of the fabric and wrap a picture frame.
Http:// -overlap like the picture
Cut out or print and frame a close-up of a beautiful flower.


Make an accent pillow for your bed with the remaining fabric to tie everything together. Easy to sew with a needle and thread if you can't use a sewing machine.
Cut fabric 80x30cm
Fold the fabric in half, in-side-out so the color/print is inside.
Sew 2cm in, along the edge on the two long sides, leaving the short end open.
Turn pillow cover right-side-out so the color/print is on the outside.
Fill with batting or even with a sweater/shirt you don't wear anymore.
Then sew up the opening.

For a girly touch drape a lighted feather lei over your mirror. Http://¤t=fluffy-feather-garland-boa-for-use-with-our-led-string-lights_-pink-or-black-139-p.jpg -get a feather boa in your fave color £3 at craft stores and wrap with a small string of mini lights -dollar store

White or pink fretwork paper lantern.

Sandy asks…

How to make your room interesting?

My room is a decent size. my whole theme is kind of faerie/forest thing.I have a ton of pictures on my walls and im getting some faerie lights tomorrow,but my room still seems boring.any ideas?

landscapeliving answers:

Concentrate on your wall paintings and beddings to create a big impact in your room. Find for fairy and pixie style stuffs or decorations like your fairy lights, lamps, fairy bases, framed prints of pixies, Tinkerbell images or fairy designed bedding. You can also try clipping the fairies or butterflies onto the beaded strands. Staple garlands of silk flower vines around window, shelf and door frames or table and desk edges. Wish luck! You can do it by yourself. :)

John asks…

Decorating Ideas for a Rent House?

I recently moved into a rent house and would like some ideas about decorating. Of course I can't paint or do anything permanent to the house, but I really want to make it feel comfortable and like home. Any personal ideas you have or websites would be great.

landscapeliving answers:

Assuming that you already have your furniture like beds, dining and living sets, then you can do the following:
For dining table, use a nice table runner, place a bowl of fruits in the middle, or a vase of flowers. Have a rug underneathe table and chairs. For living area, add nice cushions for your sofa, have a few table lamps on side tables or floor lamp, picture frames on walls and tables, plants or flowers, carpets or rugs, candles, a few books or magazines on coffee table and a bowl of potpourrie.To add warmth to a room, have wooden furniture, wooden blinds with curtains for windows and lots of soft furnishings. If you like a room to be bright and breezy, use bright and cheerful colors. For bedrooms, choose nice colors for your bedspread, place pictures and table lamp on bedside tables, a small plant or jewelry box. For bathrooms, buy towels which have nice colorful designs or prints on it so your towels are like a decor themselves when you hang them in the bathrooms. Place all your items in basket or box on countertop. Have a nice rug in bathroom. For kitchen, buy interesting utensils that not only work for you but are decor pieces themselves. For example, I have a brush shaped in a potato which I use to clean my potatoes! Also an egg whisk that has a handle that looks like a chick. A cow shaped paper towel holder. I think you get the idea. Have colorful kitchen cloths and apron. If you have a table and chairs in kitchen, add interesting cushions with farm animal or fruit designs on them. Buy placements of same. These are all movable and personal items which you can use in your home decoration, easy and practical.

Nancy asks…

Ideas for high school seniors for spirit week?

What are some things for seniors to do during spirit week. Give me some idea, or just what you did as seniors. We are probably going to hang a senior banner accross the entire high school, but we wanted some more ideas.

landscapeliving answers:

•Whether you're organizing spirit week activities for an elementary school, junior high or high school, devise a different theme for each day to keep the students involved and engaged. Choose ideas that give the kids an opportunity to dress up, hold contests and participate in class competitions to show their camaraderie and school spirit.

Pajama Day
•Invite the students to roll out of bed and remain in their pajamas throughout the school day. Design spirit week posters that feature the school name or words to school cheers painted on 22-by-28-inch white poster board cut with scissors into fluffy cloud shapes. Organize a baby photo game that requires students to match the teachers with their baby photos posted on the cafeteria, gymnasium or library wall.

Spring Fling
•Center the day's activities around a floral theme if spirit week falls in the spring. Encourage the students to dress up in flower-covered shirts, pants and accessories such as floral hats and jewelry. Organize a spirit week fundraiser by selling fresh carnations to students so they can present the blooms to friends, teachers or secret crushes. Hold a campus improvement activity by inviting students to decorate inexpensive plastic pots with paints, glitter glue or stickers in school colors. Place flowers in the pots to brighten the look of the school library or classrooms.

Backwards Day
•Shake up the day by letting the kids wear their clothing backwards. Instruct the school cafeteria to sell breakfast foods for lunch or invite the kids to eat their desserts first. Switch the order of daily activities, such as reading morning announcements at the end of the day. Adventurous teachers can give the class a backwards assignment that allows the kids to teach a lesson and give the teacher a homework assignment.

Costume Party
•Let the students celebrate Halloween early by dressing up as characters from favorite books to show how much they've learned in reading or English literature class. Organize a costume parade at lunch to let the kids show off their literary outfits and present prizes such as bookstore gift cards or homework passes to the students with the best outfits. Set up class competitions such as a book relay race that requires the kids to walk across the blacktop and back while balancing two to three textbooks on their heads before handing the books off to the next teammate in line.

Mascot Day
•Encourage the students to show school spirit on the last day of the week by wearing school colors and bringing toys or stuffed animals that represent the school mascot. Award a prize such as a pizza party to the classroom or grade level that has the most students wearing the colors and award a certificate to one student from each grade level with the most imaginative use of colors. Hold competitions to determine which classroom or grade can shout a school cheer the loudest or paint the most creative poster featuring the school or mascot name

** My fav is mascot day... Good luck and have fun xx

Maria asks…

I have a very large back yard that gets full sun all day and is nothing but dirt need cheap ideas to fix it up?

I live in AZ so it gets HOT here but I am really tired of looking at dirt and blowing dirt. Landlord said I could do whatever I want to do. Need ideas that are cheap or inexpensive since it is quite of bit of area about 50x70 at least since I am not good about sizes.

landscapeliving answers:

Rock gardens & cactus are easy & inexpensive if you find the rocks yourself. Be creative & pile them around in designs that look like flower beds. Call a local nursery & find out what type of grass grows in your zone. Buy some seed & water it! That'll keep the dirt from blowing around

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